Getting Your Steps In with Perform Treadmills

Looking to upgrade your home gym with a new, high-quality treadmill? Perform Treadmills offer robust features and impressive performance at budget-friendly price points compared to competitors. With so many great Perform models to consider, it can be tricky choosing the treadmill that’s the best match for your training style and space.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to pick your perfect Perform treadmill. We’ll compare top-rated Perform models, outline key features to look for, and provide tips for using your new treadmill safely and effectively. Let’s hit the ground running on finding a Perform treadmill that helps you achieve your fitness goals!

Benefits of Perform Treadmills

Perform has earned a reputation for building treadmills that provide an exceptional value. Here are some of the benefits Perform treadmills offer:

  • Quality construction from strong, durable frames to smooth belt decks that absorb impact.
  • Powerful motors with higher continuous duty ratings for performance you can count on during demanding workouts.
  • Advanced features like built-in workout programs, Bluetooth connectivity, and goal tracking at more reasonable prices than luxury brands.
  • Noise-reduction technology for an ultra-quiet running surface that doesn’t disturb others.
  • Easy assembly that can often be handled solo thanks to detailed instructions.
  • Strong warranties that cover frames for 10-25 years and other parts for 1-5 years.

Perform checks all the right boxes for treadmills that provide an excellent value.

Key Features to Look for in Perform Treadmills

Here are some of the most important specs and features to keep in mind when comparing Perform treadmill models:

  • Motor horsepower – Look for higher continuous duty motors (CHP not HP) for intense training. Perform treadmills range from 2.5-4.0+ CHP motors.
  • Belt dimensions – Standard Perform belts are 20″ wide x 55″ long. Lengths up to 60” accommodate taller runners.
  • Cushioning – Perform uses quality multi-ply belts and deck systems to cushion joints. Some models have adjustable cushioning.
  • Speed and Incline – Many Perform models reach 10-12 mph speeds and power up to 15% inclines, ideal for serious training.
  • Console features – Perform treadmill consoles track key workout metrics on LCD displays and some models have expanded training programs built-in.
  • Connectivity – Perform treadmills often include Bluetooth to sync your workout data with fitness apps or share your progress.

Top Perform Treadmill Models

Based on overall quality, value, and customer satisfaction, here are our top picks across the Perform line:

1. Perform Premier 100 – Best Perform Treadmill for Walking

Walkers who want an intuitive treadmill without excessive features will appreciate the Premier 100. The 2.75 CHP motor and generously sized 20” x 60” belt deck provide a robust walking surface powered to reach 10 mph. The integrated tablet holder keeps your devices secure and entertained. With incline adjustment to 10%, you can get your walks in on this affordable Perform treadmill.

2. Perform Premier 200 – Best Perform Treadmill for Running

Runners seeking intense home training will benefit from the Premier 200 and its 3.5 CHP motor pushing to 12 mph speeds. The spacious 22” x 60” belt allows flexibility in your stride. This Perform model includes a vibrant 5” LCD to track your performance and heart rate. With one-touch speed and incline to 15%, you can simulate hills with ease. We love the integrated Bluetooth speakers to amp up your playlist.

3. Perform 1000 – Most Affordable Quality Perform Treadmill

On a budget? The Perform 1000 keeps costs low without sacrificing quality construction. The 2.5 CHP motor allows for speeds up to 10 mph to challenge your running pace. The 8 preset programs give you plenty of training variety. While the console is simpler with an easy-to-read LCD, you still get essential feedback on your time, distance, speed and heart rate. For under $900, this Perform treadmill delivers on value.

4. Perform Platinum Pro – High-End Perform Treadmill Model

Looking for luxury features? The Platinum Pro goes all out with additions that make training immersive and comfortable. The powerful 3.8 CHP motor allows for a 12 mph top speed and 15% incline to simulate hill climbs. The vibrant 10” touchscreen looks sleek while providing an interactive training portal. The Platinum Pro automatically adjusts speed and incline during programmed routines for fully optimized workouts. With a Bluetooth sound bar and integrated cooling fans, this top-tier Perform model provides premium quality.

Tips for Purchasing Your Perform Treadmill

Once you’ve settled on the right Perform model for your training and budget, use these tips to get the best pricing:

  • Look for Perform holiday sales around New Year’s when treadmills are heavily discounted. Sign up for email alerts about sales.
  • Take advantage of special financing offers from Perform that allow you to split up payments over 12-18 months with no interest.
  • Check for refurbished Perform treadmill options to save substantial money for gently used models.
  • Ask about price matching policies to get Perform’s already reasonable prices reduced further.
  • Consider bundling a warranty extension, maintenance kit, or accessories like wireless headphones or a fitness tracker to get additional overall value.

With the right research and timing, you can land major savings on your Perform treadmill purchase.

Setting Up Your Perform Treadmill Securely

Once your new Perform treadmill is delivered, use these tips to get it set up safely:

  • Select a location on a level surface free from vibrating objects that could disrupt operation. Leave space around the perimeter to mount and dismount safely.
  • Plug the treadmill power cord directly into a grounded wall outlet rather than an extension cord or power strip to prevent electrical issues.
  • Consult the owner’s manual on how to properly level and calibrate the belt and deck. Proper belt tension is key.
  • Always stand on the treadmill sides before pressing start to avoid sudden movement of the belt.
  • Attach the safety clip to your clothing at all times during use. This will stop the belt if you fall or are dismounted.

Following proper setup protocol ensures your Perform treadmill provides maximum safety and performance.

Using Your Perform Treadmill Effectively

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your training sessions on a Perform treadmill:

  • Take advantage of the built-in workout programs for effective interval, hill, and HIIT training without planning the details yourself.
  • Vary your speed and incline during each session to keep your body guessing and prevent fitness plateaus.
  • Monitor your heart rate using grip sensors or a Bluetooth chest strap to optimize your cardio training.
  • Use the Bluetooth connectivity and fitness app syncing to track your progress over time as you increase speed, distance, and endurance.
  • Run with proper form – upright posture, midfoot striking, and arms bent at 90 degrees.
  • Stay hydrated by keeping water within reach. Drink regularly throughout each workout.
  • Don’t overlook safety – clip on the safety key, hold onto handles if needed, and don’t overexert yourself.

Consistency and smart training habits are key to achieving results on your Perform treadmill.

Caring for Your Perform Treadmill

Don’t neglect maintenance on your Perform treadmill! Follow these tips:

  • Wipe down the belt after each use and apply silicone lubricant every 1-2 months. This prevents premature belt wear and damage.
  • Check for signs of wear on the belt and deck. Use manufacturer guidelines to determine if/when replacement is needed.
  • Inspect the power cord connection and all wiring to ensure no damage occurs over time.
  • Tighten any loose screws, nuts or bolts on the equipment over time.
  • Vacuum underneath the machine every few months to prevent dust buildup that can interfere with operation.
  • Refer to the owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s specific maintenance recommendations.

With proper care, your Perform treadmill can deliver miles of reliable workouts for years before an upgrade is needed!

Answers to Common Perform Treadmill Questions

Researching Perform treadmills still leaves many wondering:

How does Perform compare to pricier brands like NordicTrack?

Perform treadmills offer similar quality and performance specs at more affordable retail prices. They provide excellent value.

What motor power is best for walking versus running?

Most walkers do well with 2.5+ CHP motors. For running training, look for at least 3.25+ CHP for the best power and endurance.

What kind of warranty comes with Perform treadmills?

Perform provides strong 15-25 year frame warranties. Motors are 5-10 years, parts 1-5 years. Labor may be 1 year or lifetime for pricier models.

Do Perform treadmills have good safety features?

Yes, all Perform models have an emergency stop cord, sturdy handrails, and low step-up heights for secure mounting and dismounting.

What speed range do Perform treadmills offer?

Most reach 10-12 mph, great for typical running paces. Some models max out at 15 mph for intense training. Walking speeds start around 0.5 mph.

Do Perform treadmills come with cooling fans?

Some high-end Perform models integrate cooling fans, but many focus budget on performance over luxury features. Fans can be purchased separately.

We hope these tips help you choose the ideal Perform treadmill model for your training style and space! Let us know if you have any other questions.