Finding the Best Motorized Treadmill for Your Home Gym

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Having a motorized treadmill is one of the most convenient and effective ways to get in your cardio workouts right from home. The latest motorized treadmills provide self-powered operation, adjustable speeds and inclines, cushioned decks and other premium features to enhance your running, walking or HIIT training.

But with the many motorized treadmill models and specs on the market, it can be tricky choosing the right one to suit your fitness levels, space and budget. This comprehensive guide will go over the top-rated motorized treadmills for home use along with key factors to consider when buying your ideal home treadmill.

Reviews of Top Home Motorized Treadmills

Motorized treadmills use electric motors to power the continuous belt movement rather than relying on your own pace like a manual treadmill. This motor-driven operation allows you to precisely control your workout intensity. Here are four of the best motorized treadmills for home use:

NordicTrack Commercial 1750

This popular NordicTrack model is ideal for serious runners with its powerful 3.6 CHP motor and speeds up to 12 MPH. The 22” touchscreen display provides an immersive workout experience. While pricey, it’s one of the top motorized treadmills on the market.

Key Features:

  • 3.6 CHP DurX Commercial Motor
  • 12 MPH top speed
  • -3 to 15% incline range
  • 22” HD touchscreen display
  • 300 lb. weight capacity

ProForm SMART Pro 2000

An excellent mid-range choice, the ProForm 2000 offers a 3.5 CHP Mach Z Commercial Plus motor and 15% incline capability. The tread belt absorbs shock for joint protection. It comes with a 10” touch display and Bluetooth connectivity.

Key Features:

  • 3.5 CHP Mach Z Commercial Plus motor
  • 12 MPH top speed
  • -3 to 15% incline range
  • FlexSelect cushioning system
  • 10” touchscreen with Bluetooth
  • 300 lb. weight capacity

Xterra Fitness TR150

This budget-friendly Xterra model has a 2.25 CHP motor that goes up to 10 MPH, meeting most beginner runners’ needs. The tread belt uses multiple cushioning points. Heart rate monitoring and workout programs add value.

Key Features:

  • 2.25 CHP motor
  • 10 MPH top speed
  • 0 to 10% incline range
  • Multi-cell cushioning
  • EKG grip pulse sensors
  • 15 preset programs
  • 250 lb. weight capacity

Sunny Health & Fitness T7643

For under $700, the Sunny T7643 motorized treadmill still provides essential features like 9 preset programs, soft drop folding and Bluetooth connectivity. The 2.5 CHP motor accommodates walking and light jogging.

Key Features:

  • 2.5 CHP heavy duty motor
  • 9 MPH top speed
  • 3 level manual incline
  • Soft drop folding system
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 9 preset workout programs
  • 220 lb. weight capacity

Key Buying Considerations for Motorized Treadmills

Once you’ve researched top motorized treadmill models for home use, keep these key factors in mind for choosing one tailored to your needs:

Intended Use

Consider the types of treadmill workouts you plan to do most – walking, jogging, running, intervals, etc. Then ensure the motor, speed and incline range can accommodate your goals.

Motor Power

Look for continuous duty motors with higher CHP (continuous horsepower) for powering higher speeds and steeper incline capabilities. At least 2.5 CHP is recommended for serious runners.

Running Surface Size

Larger tread belt surface areas are more comfortable for longer workouts. Look for at least 20” width by 55” length for ample training space.


Proper cushioning absorbs shock and reduces joint impact. Check for cushioning technologies like FlexSelect or Celliant deck materials.

Safety Features

Handrails, stop buttons and auto-pause mechanisms enhance treadmill safety. Choose at least 300 lb. weight capacities for stability.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Built-in grips or Bluetooth connectivity for heart rate tracking helps optimize training. Sync data with fitness apps to monitor your progress.

Display and Programs

Larger touchscreen displays with Bluetooth connectivity maximize entertainment and data options. Preset workout programs provide training variety.


Longer motor or parts warranties provide peace of mind for such a significant investment. Check warranty terms closely.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorized Treadmills

What motor power do I need?

For walking and light jogging, 2.0-2.5 CHP motors suffice. For regular jogging and intervals, look for 2.5-3.0 CHP. Serious runners need 3.0+ CHP motors for intensive training.

What is the ideal running track size?

Look for treadmill running surfaces of at least 20” wide by 55” long for ample training space. Wider 22”-24” widths are preferred for taller users or hardcore training.

How thick should the cushioning be?

Quality cushioning should be at least 1-1.5” thick. Celliant, FlexDeck or FlexSelect cushioning provides optimal shock absorption and joint protection.

Do I need a folding treadmill?

Folding treadmills are beneficial for saving space in your home gym. But they often have smaller running surfaces and lower weight capacities than non-folding models.

How can I reduce noise on my treadmill?

Look for quieter motors rated at less than 70 dB sound. Belt lubrication, quality parts and cushioning also reduce noise. Place treadmills on rubber mats.

What safety features are most important?

Must-have safety specs include sturdy handrails, lanyard stop buttons and low-profile motors. Auto-pause and auto-stop functions add protection if you fall.

What heart rate monitors work best?

Built-in EKG grip pulse sensors or Bluetooth connectivity for wearable trackers provide accurate heart rate monitoring to optimize your training.

How accurate are the calorie readings?

Treadmill calorie readings are estimates based on your weight, speed and workout duration. For greater accuracy, sync data with a wearable tracker.

What maintenance is required?

Lubricate treadmill decks every few months to protect the belt and motor. Inspect bolts, cables and parts regularly. Clean the console and belt.

How much space should I allow for my treadmill?

Allow at least 3-4 feet behind the treadmill and 18-24 inches on sides for safe access and operation. Measure room doors for sizing.

Final Takeaways on Choosing a Motorized Treadmill

Adding a quality motorized treadmill to your home gym makes getting in your regular cardio training more convenient than ever. Based on this review of top-rated models and key buying considerations, the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 stands out as a top choice for its powerful motor, expansive 22” touchscreen display and interactive training capabilities.

But any of the motorized treadmill options covered here can provide an excellent addition for improving your cardiovascular fitness at home. Just be sure to factor in your intended uses, motor needs, cushioning preferences and available space to select the ideal motorized treadmill for your home gym.

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