Find Your True Fit: A Guide to True Treadmills

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Treadmills are a staple for convenient cardio training regardless of weather or schedule. But spending mile after mile staring at a basic display while pounding a flat belt can get monotonous and tough on joints over time.

For those seeking more from their treadmill experience, True Fitness lives up to their name. This premium brand pioneers innovative new features that make training smarter, more engaging, and tailored to you.

In this guide, we’ll explore what makes True treadmills unique and cover the top models to find your ideal match. You’ll learn key factors from console displays to cushioning comfort when choosing the perfect True treadmill for your training needs and space. Let’s step into the future of running!

Top True Treadmill Picks

Known for quality craftsmanship and innovation, True treadmills range from affordable home models to high-end commercial units. Here are four top options:

True M50 Treadmill – Best Overall Smart Treadmill

Sit atop True’s lineup, the exceptional True M50 smart treadmill justifies its roughly $4000 price tag by integrating premium hardware with innovative software.

The spacious 22″ by 60″ running surface leverages TrueSoft variable response cushioning. AutoBreeze workout fans, integrated Bluetooth speakers, and rapid speed/incline controls make training immersive.

The gorgeous 40″ HD touchscreen display lets you view integrated training content, monitor real-time gait metrics like stride length, and automatically adjust cushioning hardness. This treadmill sets the new standard.

True Z1 Treadmill – Foldable Smart Treadmill

The True Z1 takes premium smart treadmill features and packages them into a space-saving foldable design perfect for home use. With an EasyLift Assist system, you can stow it vertically against a wall after training.

The 20″ by 55″ belt with TrueSoft cushioning provides a comfortable running surface. The integrated touchscreen console displays key metrics and connects to entertainment. Heart rate grips track intensity. For a streamlined folding smart treadmill, the Z1 delivers at around $3000.

True PS 300 Treadmill – Commercial-Grade Performance

Built for gyms and training facilities, the True PS 300 combines heavy-duty build quality with refined performance. The sturdy frame supports intense daily use while the 22″ by 60″ cushioned belt serves all runner sizes and strides.

With a top speed of 15 mph, -3% to 15% incline range, and 4.0 HP motor, this treadmill empowers intense training. Advanced diagnostics continually monitor belt alignment and calibration for optimal upkeep. It matches commercial standards for $5000+.

True PS 100 Treadmill – Entry-Level Quality

As their most affordable model at under $2000, the True PS 100 still packs the quality and comfort True is known for into a streamlined treadmill. The 20″ by 55″ TrueSoft Deck provides easy running for all levels.

With speed and incline ranges up to 12 mph and -3% to 12% that adjust via simple controls, the PS 100 focuses on approachable walking, jogging, and interval running for home users. True build and technology at an entry-level price make it a great value.

Choosing the Right True Treadmill for You

Every True treadmill is thoughtfully engineered, but certain models fit certain scenarios best. As you evaluate options, keep these key decision factors in mind:

Intended Use Case

Consider whether the treadmill will be used at home for 1-2 people versus commercially for large groups with varying skills. Models designed for each use case include features suited to those environments.

Console/Display Quality

Basic LED consoles simply show workout metrics and settings. Larger integrated HD touchscreens display immersive content and training programs. Choose display size and quality based on preferences.

Running Surface Area

A spacious 22″ wide belt allows natural lateral arm swing during runs. And longer 55″+ decks fit a comfortable running stride, especially for tall users. But large surfaces require more space. Evaluate room constraints.

Cushioning Comfort

TrueSoft decks provide patented adjustable cushioning. Be sure to test the feeling firsthand by running on models at speeds and durations you expect to train. Proper cushioning prevents pain and injury long-term.

Speed and Incline Range

Do you want to walk leisurely, train for races, or need adjustable intensity? Ensure the top speeds and incline ranges allow you to train how you intend. More adjustment flexibility caters to diverse goals.

Frequently Asked True Treadmill Questions

What makes True treadmills unique?

True sets themselves apart through patented innovations like AutoBreeze fans to cool you while training, TrueHub to access personalized workouts, and real-time feedback on gait metrics to improve form. Adjustable TrueSoft cushioning also customizes comfort.

How do True treadmills calculate calories burned?

True treadmills factor in your real-time metrics like speed, incline grade, weight, and age rather than basic estimates. This allows them to provide more precise calorie burn figures to help you accurately track progress towards fitness goals.

Do True treadmills require special maintenance?

While periodic lubrication is still required like other treadmills, True’s commercial-grade components mean less repairs over time. Their diagnostic checks also detect parts needing proactive service early. Overall, less hands-on maintenance is needed thanks to quality engineering.

What treadmill add-ons does True offer?

True allows you to customize your ideal treadmill via accessory add-on packages. Options include integrated AutoBreeze fans to cool you down, TrueHub for personalized workout programs, speakers for entertainment, mounts for your tablet or TV, and more. Contact your True dealer to build your dream machine!

How long are the warranties on True treadmills?

True stands behind their superb quality with strong 10 year frame warranties, 5 year parts warranties, and 1 year labor warranties. This coverage indicates the proven durability and longevity True engineers into their premium treadmills.

Find Your True Fit for the Long Run

For those seeking more than just a basic treadmill, True delivers an unmatched training experience through quality engineering guided by meaningful innovation. Their smart features provide personalized performance feedback and comfort to help you maximize gains.

With your perfect True treadmill tailored to your training style and space, you can push your fitness to new levels in the comfort of home. So whether you want to train smarter, run farther, or simply look forward to workouts again, find your True fit!

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