Elevate Your Home Workouts with a High-Quality Spirit Treadmill

There’s nothing better than the convenience of having your own home treadmill for cardio training whenever you want. But not all treadmills are created equal when it comes to features, durability, and overall value. This is where Spirit treadmills stand out from the competition.

Spirit Fitness is renowned for manufacturing premium-grade treadmills packed with innovative features. Their models are built to last using quality components and strong American steel. Spirit also offers excellent warranty coverage and customer service.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll cover the top Spirit treadmill models and what makes them so highly rated. You’ll learn what to look for when choosing a Spirit treadmill to match your training needs and fitness level. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about using and maintaining these popular home treadmills.

Let’s check out the best Spirit treadmills to power your workouts to new heights!

Reviews of the Top Spirit Treadmill Models

Spirit uses advanced technology and sturdy construction to create exceptional treadmills for every budget and need. Here are the key details on 4 of their most popular models:

Spirit TS8 Treadmill

Spirit’s premium TS8 model sets the standard for performance and quality.

Key Features:

  • Powerful 3.0 CHP motor.
  • Speed range of 0-12 MPH.
  • Quick 10% auto-incline control.
  • Cushion Flex Whisper Deck to absorb impact.
  • 32 workout programs.
  • 10” touchscreen display.
  • Bluetooth audio connectivity.
  • 350 lb. maximum user weight.


  • Strong 3.0 CHP motor provides speed and power for intense training.
  • 10% Quick Incline makes it easy to increase intensity with the touch of a button.
  • Whisper Flex Cushioned Deck protects joints.
  • Plentiful built-in workout programs for training variety.


  • Higher price point due to advanced features and heavy-duty build.

Bottom Line

With unmatched power, automated adjustment, and premium components, the feature-packed TS8 satisfies the needs of serious runners.

Spirit TS5 Treadmill

An advanced model focused on convenience and training versatility.

Key Features:

  • 2.5 CHP motor.
  • Speed range of 0-10 MPH.
  • Power incline up to 15% grade.
  • Cushioned deck to absorb shock.
  • 15 pre-set programs.
  • 7” LCD display with goal tracking.
  • Compatible with earbuds + audio jack.
  • 300 lb. weight capacity.


  • Smooth and quiet 2.5 CHP motor.
  • 15% power incline for intense climbing simulation.
  • Cushioned deck protects joints during workouts.
  • Built-in programs provide training variety.


  • Smaller 7” display console.
  • Lacks high-tech features of pricier models.

Bottom Line

The TS5 combines user-friendly automated adjustment and shock absorption that excel at CrossFit style training.

Spirit TS3 Treadmill

A streamlined model focusing on core treadmill performance.

Key Features:

  • 2.0 CHP motor.
  • Speed range from 0-10 MPH.
  • Manual incline up to 15% grade.
  • Six auto button speed controls.
  • Nine built-in workout programs.
  • LCD screen displays key stats.
  • Tablet holder.
  • 300 lb. weight capacity.


  • Straightforward speed and incline controls make operation easy.
  • Smooth, quiet 2.0 CHP motor handles beginners to experienced runners.
  • Six quick speed buttons eliminate scrolling through options.


  • Lacks high-tech features and integrated entertainment.
  • Must adjust incline manually.

Bottom Line

With its simplified design and operation, the Spirit TS3 appeals to anyone seeking a quality treadmill focused purely on running/walking performance.

Spirit XT485 Treadmill

An entry-level Spirit treadmill with essential features at an affordable price point.

Key Features:

  • 2.5 HP drive motor.
  • Speed range from 0.5-10 MPH.
  • LED display tracks stats and progress.
  • Three manual incline angle settings.
  • Safety stop button.
  • Soft drop folding system.
  • Compatible with Spirit Fit app.
  • 275 lb. weight capacity.


  • Wallet-friendly price.
  • Smooth and quiet 2.5 HP motor.
  • Three elevation options for incline variety.


  • Lacks advanced features found on pricier models.
  • Some assembly required.

Bottom Line

For under $1000, the XT485 combines essential Spirit quality and engineering in a streamlined, budget-friendly package.

Choosing the Right Spirit Treadmill for You

When investing in a Spirit treadmill, keep these key factors in mind as you compare models:

  • Motor horsepower – Look for continuous duty motors of at least 2.5 HP or higher for power.
  • Deck size – Standard Spirit decks are 20” wide x 60” long to accommodate most heights.
  • Belt quality – Spirit uses commercial gym-grade belts for durability and traction.
  • Shock absorption – Flex Whisper decks reduce joint impact by up to 30%.
  • Speed and incline range – Faster top speeds and higher maximum incline percentages allow for intense training.
  • Workout programs – Spirit treadmills offer 6-32 built-in training programs for extra variety.
  • Display console – Larger touchscreens provide extra motivation and data tracking.
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth and audio jacks allow you to listen to your own music and fitness apps.
  • Warranty – Exceptional Spirit coverage provides peace of mind – frames are lifetime warrantied.

Choosing a Spirit treadmill that aligns with your performance needs and training goals will ensure you get the right features and quality.

Tips for Using and Maintaining Your Spirit Treadmill

Follow these best practices for safely operating your new Spirit treadmill and keeping it running smoothly for years:

  • Fully read the product manual and follow all assembly steps carefully. Tighten bolts and hardware securely. Professional assembly is an option if desired.
  • Place the treadmill on a level surface away from walls with plenty of clearance in case of emergency dismounts.
  • Always attach the safety key securely to clothing before stepping onto the belt.
  • Start new treadmills at slower speeds and moderate incline settings to get a feel for the controls and your ideal training zone.
  • Lubricate the tread belt periodically as directed in the owner’s manual using the supplied silicone oil. This prevents excessive friction and wear.
  • Wipe down the treadmill deck after each workout to prevent belt slipping and keep the belt surface clean.
  • Avoid over-tensioning the belt – check the owner’s manual for how to properly adjust belt tension if slipping occurs.
  • Inspect the leveling, power cord, incline lift, and other components regularly. Tighten hardware or replace parts as needed.
  • For diagnosing problems or ordering replacement parts, contact Spirit Fitness’ responsive customer service department directly via phone or online chat.

Following Spirit’s recommended usage guidelines keeps your treadmill performing optimally for years of reliable home workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spirit Treadmills

How much assembly is required for Spirit treadmills?

Some lightweight Spirit models require full assembly. But most have the deck, belt, motor and other components pre-assembled for faster setup. You’ll need to attach rails, console, etc. which takes 1-2 hours. Considering the electrical complexity involved, Spirit offers professional assembly services for an added fee.

What sizes and horsepower motors do Spirit treadmills offer?

Spirit motors range from 2.0 CHP on basic models up to a robust 4.0 CHP on their professional gym-grade treadmill. Home models typically have 2.5 to 3.0 CHP motors. Deck sizes are around 20” x 60” to accommodate most users’ heights and strides comfortably while walking or running.

What special features do Spirit treadmills have?

Spirit touts its proprietary Flex Whisper Deck cushioning system which absorbs up to 30% more shock on joints than regular decks. Many Spirit models also offer integrated Bluetooth audio and built-in speakers so you can listen to your own playlists or streaming audio training programs.

What kind of workout programs are included?

Spirit treadmills contain 6-32 built-in workout programs depending on the model. These include manual mode, interval training, heart rate control, calories burned, and more. Some models sync with Spirit Fit mobile apps that provide additional training guidance and motivation.

How do I properly lubricate the treadmill belt?

Use the silicone oil lubricant included with your Spirit treadmill. Apply beneath the belt surface along its entire length. Refer to your owner’s manual for the recommended lubrication frequency—most advise lubricating every 25-40 hours of use for optimal belt motion and longevity.

What is Spirit’s treadmill warranty policy?

One of the best in the industry! Spirit provides lifetime warranties on treadmill frames, 5 years on motors, 2 years on parts, and 1 year on labor. All in-home or commercial use is covered. Register online within 30 days of delivery to activate.

Does Spirit offer repair services for their treadmills?

Yes, Spirit has a responsive customer service team available by phone and online chat to troubleshoot issues and send replacement parts. They can dispatch authorized repair technicians if needed. Many issues can be self-fixed using online videos and support documentation.

Can Spirit treadmills support runners over 300 pounds?

Definitely. Most Spirit treadmill models have weight capacities of 325-350 lbs. The heavy duty Spirit Commercial Series accommodates users up to 500 lbs thanks to its gym-grade components and steel frame designed for ultra-high mileage.

How adjustable is the incline on Spirit treadmills?

Lower-end Spirit models have manual incline levels around 15% grade. Mid-range and higher models feature power lift incline from 0-15% grades that adjusts at the touch of a button. This automated incline control makes interval training and hill climbs more convenient.

How durable are Spirit treadmill frames and belts?

Extremely durable—these are commercial gym-quality components built to withstand heavy daily use. The steel unibody frames resist flexing, while the thick multi-ply belts are heat-treated to prevent stretching under high speeds and weights. With proper basic maintenance, Spirit treadmills last for many years.

Bring Your Workouts Home With a Spirit Treadmill

From their heavy-duty construction to integrated training tools, Spirit treadmills offer superior quality and performance for avid runners and walkers. Models with automated incline changes and built-in programs provide engaging, effective training without heading to the gym.

By choosing the Spirit treadmill with specifications and features best matched to your fitness level and goals, you’ll enjoy this premium equipment for many years to come thanks to renowned Spirit craftsmanship and warranty protection.

Visit the Spirit Fitness website, authorized dealers, or local specialty fitness stores to check out their treadmill lineup in person today. Their high-end models tend to sell out quickly during peak home gym shopping seasons.

Let us know if you have any other Spirit treadmill questions. We’re happy to provide additional advice to help you research models and confidently start improving your home cardio workouts!